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Churches and parishes in Tricarico

Region = Basilicata

Province = Matera

Town = Tricarico

Please find in what follows the full listing of the churches and parishes in Tricarico along with some useful information.

For each parish are reported the town, the eventual hamlet, street address, ZIP code, the name of the parish and the Diocese to whom the parish belongs to.

There are 6 parrocchie in the town of Tricarico. Please find in what follows the related information./P>

Parish Town Hamlet Address Diocese
Madonna della Pace Tricarico Calle Dato Mancante Diocese of Tricarico
S. Angelo del Monte Tricarico --- Via Monte Diocese of Tricarico
S. Antonio di Padova Tricarico --- Piazzale d. Pancrazio Toscano Diocese of Tricarico
S. Maria Assunta Tricarico --- Via Vittorio Veneto Diocese of Tricarico
S. Maria dei Lombardi Tricarico --- Via Cosilina, 11 Diocese of Tricarico
S. Potito Martire Tricarico --- Via Appia Diocese of Tricarico

In the town of Tricarico also rises the Diocese of Diocese of Tricarico, founded in 14 giugno 1929.

The Diocese's street address is Episcopio, Piazza Mons. Raffaello delle Nocche 2, 75019 Tricarico (Matera), phone 0835.723052, fax .

The Diocese's territory covers a surface of 1237 square chilometers and belongs to the ecclesiastical territory of Basilicata.

The same in the surroungings of Tricarico:

Calciano (MT) (5.1), San Chirico Nuovo (PZ) (8.6), Albano di Lucania (PZ) (10.0), Grassano (MT) (11.6), Tolve (PZ) (13.9), Irsina (MT) (16.4), Brindisi Montagna (PZ) (17.4), Grottole (MT) (19.8), Vaglio Basilicata (PZ) (20.0),